The mobile application iYOT – iCounseling application is administered partially on-line through an e-learning platform and partially through trained national guidance counselors.  They offer support through online services, pre-arranged face-to-face sessions, or – if needed – also via Skype. The mobile application together with all of the digitally published materials is an open access resource and intended for anyone involved in or interested in the adult education and career guidance counseling. It connects trained counselors with all interested future participants of adult education courses or just all interested in lifelong learning and competence raising.

Here you can find instructions and guidelines on how to use the mobile application from both sides: counsellors or users.


Training for iYOT mobile guidance counselors is based on iYOT Curriculum, prepared in two versions:

  • ex-cathedra as modular training course (5 days, 8 hours per day – 40 hours in total) under supervision of iYOT trained counselors and as
  • distant learning or e-learning course, moderated by trained iYOT counselors.

E-learning platform is available free at Moodlecloud services and could be accessed through iYOT LEARN button.


Here you can find general instructions about using the web platform and accessing the digital learning contents.



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